Hydraulic Hot Oil Flushing

We perform hot oil flushing for all types of tubing and piping. Our dedicated service technicians perform flushing on site all around the world onshore and offshore.


Test Equipment and specifications.

We have a broad specter of EX rated flushing units available for rental.

All our equipment is divided in mineral oil, glycol and Brayco. Due to the chemical composition of brayco mineral oil we have flushing units and hoses specific for use on only brayco.

Flushing is done down to minimum NAS 1638, class 6 / ISO 4406, 17/15/12. PALL PCM 400 are used to measure cleanliness of fluid.

We have EX rated purifier and Cardev filters to remove water in mineral oil. PALL water sensor to measure saturation.

All units supplied with Z-015 and EX-Survey papers.



Our flushing units have a maximum range of 350 bar and 300 l/min.


Reason for flushing.

Cleanliness of systems is paramount prior to production and certification of cleanness is essential during the construction/commissioning phases of any project. Typically systems such as lube oil, BOP, Wellhead Control and umbilical all require certification of cleanliness. Other tubing and piping systems may also have this requirement for cleanness.


Traceability and Service Report

All flushing jobs are well documented for each line. 

  • Service Report
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • Flushing Certificate
  • Marked up P&ID with marked up flushing activities.


Service Technicians

All our service technicians have courses to perform flushing of highest standard.