Hitec Products is a proud sponsor for Team Hitec Products. In June 2013 Team Hitec Products took part in Nordsjørittet.

The winner this year was the 21 year old Julie Leth. Below you can read about her experience with Team Hitec Products and the race.

– I have cycled professional and semi-professional in approx. 2 years, but only this season full time. I’ve been on some different small teams but Team Hitec Products is my first proffessional team! I became a part of Team Hitec Products at the end of May 2013. Being sponsored by Hitec Products means that me and the other girls will have the opportunity to come out to race at the highest level! And hopefully win a lot of big wins. We are one of the best women’s teams in the world and hope of course, that our results can help to raise the profile of Hitec Products in Norway and the rest of the world!

– It was my first MTB race ever, so I had previously no great expectations! However, our sports boss Karl Lima expressed that it was important that we won, so I wanted to help the team to victory! At one point in the race it didn´t look too good. I was far behind the leading riders, but I managed to close the gap and the sprint was between me and Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå! I felt sure in my sprint and could cross the line with one arm in the air! I was really happy to win and happy to be able to give the victory to the team! It was my first victory for Team Hitec Products!