Modular Rig

The modular rig is a rack and pinion driven solution, suitable for various drilling and well operations on fixed offshore production platforms.

The limited weight of the modules, enables it to be installed on platforms without depending on external cranes. If sufficient lifting capacity is available, the rig can also be installed in larger, pre-assembled sections, saving time for installation.

The rig’s modularity means that it can be assembled in various configurations depending on use. If a circulation system and pipe deck is available on the platform, the rig can be easily connected to it. This configuration of the rig has the minimum footprint and weight. If, however, there is no circulation system or pipe deck available, the rig can be equipped with it during the installation and hence be self-sufficient.

It is estimated that the standard configuration of the rig in P&A mode should be ready for integration and acceptance testing within two weeks.

The flexible configuration enables the rig to be assembled suitable for various different drilling and well operations:

  • Any standard well intervention with drill pipe
  • Side tracking from open and cased hole
  • Through Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD)
  • Removal of old completion
  • Recompletion within the rig’s capability
  • Deepening of well
  • P&A and PP&A, inclusive removal of tubing and control lines

In line with current industrial trend, it is premised that the MONSRIG is capable of meeting the expectation of high degree of automated handling/control facilities.


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