December 1, 2020

Meet our Process department

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New Office – New People – New opportunities

These three represent us at our new department in Hitec Products, Porsgrunn. The newly created department will focus on process systems.

Lars HardliErik Kjendalen and Marius Drewes Røring are employed in Hitec Products’ new department in Porsgrunn, they all come from a leading player in oil service, and all have extensive experience from process and offshore technology. Lars Hardli will be head of the department, while Erik Kjendalen and Marius Røring will be senior process engineers.

This is an incredibly competent bunch of engineers. All three having solid experience, one of the things they have in common is that they have an ability to innovate and will enable Hitec Products to develop our technology offering further.

The new division enables Hitec Products to offer a larger range of deliveries to the international market, incl. complete EPCI deliveries of process packages and modules. All Engineering, procurement, construction and testing will take place in our facilities in Porsgrunn and Stavanger.

We will give the process industry a real boost.