HSEQ Policy


Hitec Products is committed to be a significant player in the sustainable green transition that is ongoing worldwide. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint by offering systems to low carbon emission projects. Hitec Products is also involved in developing solutions in the waste-to-energy and recycling industry.

We have a locally based value chain, avoiding unnecessary transportation, and ensuring that the processing of equipment delivered to us is done by use of sustainable power sources to the highest possible means.

Our product offering now includes the option for refurbishment of existing systems, as an alternative to newbuild.

We will continue to improve on sorting waste and avoid unnecessary waste of energy, avoid harmful chemicals, and recommend environmentally friendly system fluids to our clients and partners.

Hitec Products is targeting technologies, solutions and products that favorably will contribute to reach both the national and international (EU) new climate and waste goals. We will approach these as business opportunities and meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

We shall ensure that we are enhancing the green transition by continually seeking optimized solutions. We aim to be the preferred supplier for our interested parties and that our years of experience in the oil & gas industry will secure Hitec Products a significant part of the future green projects and investments.

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