HSEQ Policy

We are committed to integrating QHSE in how we do business.

QHSE Policy

  • We shall meet our interested parties needs, expectations and ensure satisfaction in all deliveries. We are dedicated to providing high quality of service through a high degree of management!
  • We shall continually improve the effectiveness of our HSE & Quality Management System by measuring and analyzing data to continually improve & grow.
  • We shall deliver products and services in accordance to applicable laws, regulations, rules, standards and specifications, in an environmentally and competitive way.
  • We shall through a safety optimised design, create the base to prevent accidents caused by our products and work processes.
  • By focusing on safe operations and working improvements at work areas, we aim to reduce the number of near accidents and thereby also prevent accidents.
  • We shall have qualified personnel available for the work to be performed and shall further educate the personnel to face new challenges. Our employees are our most important resource.
  • We shall ensure that we are enhancing the green transition by continually seek for optimized sustainable solutions.
  • Through our awareness and actions we will protect the environment and continually improve our company’s green foot print.
  • We shall develop and deliver attractive systems towards renewable energy


  • Reduce Cost of Quality with 20%
  •  0 Lost Time Incidents
  •  IOGP 577 average rating of 3.6
  •  To reduce and improve our impact and sort our waste fractions with 85% accuracy
  •  Reduce Carbon Footprint with 10%

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