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We at Hitec Products have enjoyed working with our clients on more than 1300 projects worldwide. Our references include oil companies, service & engineering companies, maritime, aquaculture and industrial clients.We are always looking for new challenges.

AKVA Group

High Pressure Pump system

During the last year, we have delivered multiple High Pressure Pump Systems to AKVA Group for their flying Net Cleaner. These systems are for both containerised solutions and solutions for installation in a ship machine room. Each of the systems were delivered with the high quality Kamat pump.

ConocoPhilips – Ekofisk

Wellhead Control System.

Over the years, Hitec Products has delivered multiple Wellhead Control Systems to the Ekofisk offshore development.

AkerBP – Ivar Aasen

Chemical Injection System

The Chemical Injection system for Ivar Aasen consisted of one large module with pumps, tanks and instrumentation. In addition there were multiple chemical dosing panels with flow control valves. The overall project was delivered on time and according to budget.

Equinor – Johan Sverdrup

Produced water package

The produced water package on Johan Sverdrup was designed and engineered in our HQ in Sola. The fabrication and assembly was performed at our Forsand facility for large modules.